Zane Roe Obituary, Death, Zane Roe has passed away

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Zane Roe Obituary, Death –  A man was found to have killed in a house fire in Ohio’s Turtlecreek Township, according to the officials in charge of firefighting operations in Warren County on Tuesday. The firefighting efforts were being overseen by those officials. At around 8:35 in the morning, crews from the Turtlecreek Township Fire Department responded to a report of entrapment at a two-story property that had caught fire on State Route 48.

The residence had been damaged by the fire. According to Assistant Fire Chief Brian Elleman of the Turtlecreek Township Fire Department, when crews arrived on the scene, they observed a significant amount of fire contained within the property. It was then determined that the male found inside the apartment had passed away, and his body was subsequently removed from the premises of the event.

According to the information provided by the Warren County Coroner, the deceased has been identified as Zane Roe, who was 93 years old. Roe was said to have been a resident of the house by the coroner. Because of smoke inhalation, a second victim required medical assistance at the scene of the incident. Elleman claims that there is a suspicion that the individual who entered the property did so in an effort to save the victim who was trapped inside; nevertheless, the attempt to rescue the victim was unsuccessful.

Elleman claims that it is widely believed that the two are related and are members of the same family. According to the assistant fire chief, who indicated that numerous agencies came to the area to put out the fire, the fire was extinguished around fifteen minutes after employees arrived on the scene. He stated that multiple agencies came to the area to put out the fire. According to Elleman, there is currently an inquiry being performed to discover what caused the fire and where it was initially started.