Zander Lyda Obituary, Death, Oklahoma, Girl Stabbed Dead By Sister

Zander Lyda Obituary, Death – Following the stabbing death of her younger brother, who was just nine years old, a mother in the United States is sticking by her daughter, who is now 12 years old. In heartbreaking emails to her supporters that have now been made public on the internet, the mother has expressed her sorrow at having basically lost both of her children. After a frightening video showing emergency personnel responding to April Lyda’s home in Oklahoma in the aftermath of the savage attack on Zander Lyda on January 5 of this year went viral, April Lyda decided to make a statement regarding the incident. In the statement, April Lyda addressed the footage that showed emergency personnel responding to her home in Oklahoma.

The tape, which the Herald has decided not to air, reveals the young girl’s horrific admission and her mother’s tortured reaction to discovering the moment her family was torn apart. The footage also shows the young girl’s mother’s agonized reaction to discovering the moment her family was torn apart. The young girl’s mother can be seen in the video as well. As the officers lead Lyda’s daughter away from the house, she mutters, “I’m so sorry,” before they remove her.

“I truly apologize. I genuinely do apologize. Her mother then shows up at the front door of the house where the family is currently residing and introduces herself. “There are wounds consistent with punctures. While they are transporting Lyda to the hospital, she yells at her daughter Zander, but he passes away some time after they arrive there. “Right in the middle!” “I’m so sorry,” his sister said while she was being questioned by the police. What just happened occurred is completely beyond my comprehension! It’s like some type of devilish horse dung!”