Zachary Mcferren Wells Obituary, St. Louis Missouri, Zach Wells has Reportedly Passed Away

Zachary Mcferren Obituary, Death – The sudden death of my very best friend in the entire world occurred yesterday, and it was a terrible blow for her. Her spouse had been sick for a long time. She had found her soul mate in him! To her, he was an unmovable object. He was the kind of parent that other men looked up to and emulated as they raised their own children. He was a passionate family man who was a loving spouse and father to his children. Zachary A. McFerren-Wells was a delight to be around because he was joyful, generous, amusing, and one of a kind; he cherished his mother.

He smiled all the time; and despite the fact that he never allowed me to glitter up his beard, he was always encouraging and game for all of our pranks. My friendship with Zach and Nicki McFerren has been the source of many of the most priceless and unforgettable experiences of my life… The first few days of the game, during which some of us were unable to make it into the game, Vegas, Mardi Gras, Trivia Nights, and the moment when we drove Nicki back to her house after a long day of having too much fun. He was a paradigmatic representative of a phenomenon that is extinct today.

It is actually quite an unfair predicament to be in. If you are in a position to do so, please give whatever you can. Even a somewhat little donation might make a major difference to the way things turn out for this family, who I care about very deeply. The future is uncertain for them. I sincerely pray that you, Zach, are able to understand how big of an effect you have on this broken world because of your actions. We will never stop loving and missing you, and your family may rest certain that we will always be here for them no matter what.