Xander Fauser Obituary, Bucyrus Ohio, Xander Fauser has Died

After passing away on Monday, June 5, 2023, Xander Wayne Fauser, who was 16 years old and lived in Bucyrus, is being and will continue to be missed by many friends and loved ones. It was on June 27, 2006 in the city of Galion that he was brought into the world. His parents are Steve Fauser and Nyoka S. “Nikki” (Kegley) Fauser. Xander had a deep affection for animals from a very young age. Over the course of his life, he has provided care for a variety of animals, including guinea pigs, chameleons, and even a bearded dragon.

His love of animals gradually evolved to include a wide variety of sports, with football and weightlifting being his particular passions. When he was younger and playing football at Col. Crawford, he was most comfortable playing center. When he got to high school, though, he switched positions and started playing guard and nose guard instead. It was always one of his goals to play running back, and he did get the opportunity to do so on a few different occasions; but, the team’s demands were better met by him playing one of the other positions.

Xander was a member of the team for two years and received Honorable Mention accolades from the North Carolina Ohio Football Coaches Association. Xander’s routine for getting ready for football included frequent trips to the weight room, where he excelled at powerlifting. He was able to move a significant amount of weight when bench pressing and executing squats, but it was his deadlift weight of 515 pounds that won him the title of Col. Crawford and broke the school record that had been held by his father. Xander had recently finished his junior year at Pioneer, during which he had been performing quite well in the school’s welding department. Xander was exceptionally talented in all four of the different types of welding that were covered in class, and he was ecstatic to be a part of a team that won first place in the district skills competition and also came in fourth place at the state level.