Worth Green Obituary, Death, Asheville, North Carolina, Funeral Details

Worth Green Obituary, Death – Worth Green was born in the city of Fort Worth in the state of Texas on December 27, 1956.On April 16, 2023, Worth Douglass Green died in Ft. Worth, Texas, following a three-year battle with colon cancer. James and Helen Green were his parents. He finished high school at Castleberry in 1975 and got his high school diploma that same year. In May of that year, he did what he did.

He got his degree in drafting from a local community college, where he also took classes in drafting and other similar subjects. In addition to his work in the building industry, he was well-known in the painting business for his skills. He had been painting as a job for a long time. His cherished daughters-by-choice, Lacy Miller-Shelor, Lindsay Miller, and Sheena Miller, as well as his loving father, Jim Green; his sister, Ginny Ballard; his brother, Jamie Green; and his father, survive Worth.

Lacy Miller-Shelor and Sheena Miller, who are Worth’s kids by choice, are also still alive. Worth’s children from a first marriage, Lacy Miller-Shelor and Sheena Miller, are both still alive. Worth also has two children who are still alive from a former relationship. Their names are Lacy Miller-Shelor and Sheena Miller. He also leaves behind a lot of uncles, aunts, cousins, and two sons named Paul Arnold and Paul Russell White. His name is on both Paul Arnold and Paul Russell White. Both Paul Arnold and Paul Russell White were named after him because he was so important. Because of his tremendous influence, the names Paul Arnold and Paul Russell White were bestowed in his honor. His mother, Helen Green, who had been ailing for several years before her trip, died before he did. Her health has been deteriorating for some time.