Welton Gaddy Obituary, Rev. Welton Gaddy Has Passed Away

Welton Gaddy Obituary,

Welton Gaddy Obituary,  Death – I am writing to share the news that Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, a former longstanding president of Interfaith Alliance, passed away at his home in Monroe, Louisiana, at the age of 81. This news fills me with a great deal of sadness. Welton was a revered leader, and the example he set with his life ought to be followed by all those who value the separation of church and state as much as they do religious liberty.

In addition to the note that I have written, I have also requested that Rabbi Jack Moline, who served as my predecessor, express his sympathies, and I have placed them below. The path that Welton traveled led him from a rising leader in the Southern Baptist Convention to one of the most respected voices in the movement that seeks to assure that the promise of the first amendment extends to all Americans, regardless of their faith or belief.

It should not go unnoticed that we are commemorating Welton during the same month that the LGBTQ+ community is enjoying Pride Month. Long before many other religious leaders, Welton wrote about the importance of LGBTQ+ individuals having full inclusion in society and dignity in their lives. Welton utilized his platform to portray a vision for America that was accepting of different faiths and appreciative of the innate dignity that is present in every people.

This vision encompassed a wide range of topics and places. He was adamantly opposed to the notion that any one religious custom in this country should be given higher regard than another. His wife Judy, his son James, and his two grandsons are the only people who will remember Welton after he has passed away. Welton’s son John Paul died in 2014. Additional details on the ways in which we intend to memorialize Welton’s legacy at Interfaith Alliance will be available to us very shortly.