Washington Heights Shooting, Death

Washington Heights Shooting, Death – In connection with the fatal shooting of a 66-year-old innocent bystander outside his son’s Upper Manhattan restaurant, three alleged gang members were detained and charged on Wednesday. According to authorities, Reda Girgis was killed in a drive-by shooting on May 23. Kelwin Sanchez, 19, Raheam Steed, 22, and Jonadel Lakard, 23, have all been charged with murder in connection with the incident.

According to sources, the three suspects are reputed members of the infamous Trinitarios gang OED.
According to police and the business manager, Girgis, an Egyptian, was visiting his son and expectant daughter-in-law in New York City when he was shot in the head outside the ChopCheese Deli 2 in Washington Heights.

According to sources who spoke with The Post, the wayward gunfire, which is thought to have originated from a dark gray SUV, was meant for a gang rival. When Girgis fell to the ground, shocking video showed him talking on the phone next to his pregnant daughter-in-law outside the deli.

Reda Girgis, 66, a bystander who was unarmed, was shot in the head and died outside the ChopCheese Deli 2 in Washington Heights. Just as Girgis collapses to the ground, a group of youngsters who had been loitering outside the deli are seen scurrying for cover, and his son’s wife can be seen frantically sprinting into the shop a split second later.

Girgis’ daughter-in-law delivered birth the day after she witnessed his death, according to family friends who spoke to The Post. Haney Girgis, the son of Girgis, was not present when the shooting took place, according to deli manager Gamal Abouelezz, who spoke to The Post.