Walt Bigler Obituary, Walt Bigler Linda’s Speedway Driver/ Racer Has Passed Away

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Walt Bigler Obituary, Death –  In spite of the fact that he didn’t spend a lot of time at Lindas Speedway, he was able to have a significant influence on the development of racing in the Central Pennsylvania area. This was the case even though he didn’t spend a lot of time there. This was the case despite the fact that he did not spend a significant amount of time in that location.

Walt Bigler took his last breath earlier this week and has since died away. His death has been confirmed. His life was ultimately cut short. Mr. Bigler committed a substantial portion of his career to fielding the well-known 93 Super Sportman before shifting his concentrate to co-driving a 600 Modified at Linda’s Speedway with his son Daulton Bigler. Before making this transition, Mr. Bigler’s primary focus was on fielding the 93 Super Sportman. It is now generally accepted that Mr. Bigler’s son, Daulton Bigler, is his primary racing partner.

Daulton Bigler has recently became a member of the Mr. Bigler’s 600 Modified team and is presently acting in the capacity of co-pilot for the driver. The upcoming Mike’s Towing and Recovery Modified race will take place at the speedway, and it will be contested over the course of a total of 24 laps.

The winner of the race will get a prize package. Our decision was made with the intention of conveying our gratitude to one of the vehicle owners who played a significant role in the annals of racing history in our region in a way that was not unduly ostentatious. Our decision was made with the goal of expressing our gratitude to one of the vehicle owners who has been the most important throughout the annals of the racing history of our region.