Valerie Folsom Obituary, Oakhem Bridgewater MA, Valerie Folsom has died

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Valerie Folsom Obituary, Death – Nearly twenty-four hours had gone in the period since we discovered that you were no longer here with us at this location when we first found out that this was the case.Valerie Folsom Oakhem, there are no words that can properly describe how much I love you; you have the greatest love that there is on this earth. There are no acceptable phrases that can adequately convey how much I adore you.

There is no other language that can truly express how much I admire you, and there never will be. There are no words that can adequately express how much I adore you, and I don’t think there ever will be words that can adequately express how much I adore you. I am aware that there will never be a language that is adequate enough to convey the breadth and depth of my affection for you, and I know that this will always be the case.

Our brains are having trouble comprehending the idea that a cruel POS beast snatched you and took you away from us. Our thoughts are having trouble absorbing the information. When it comes to something like this, we are having trouble wrapping our heads around it. It is something for which I will be eternally and incomparably glad that we were able to build so many amazing memories together while also having a wonderful time doing it.

Since this is something for which I will be grateful till the end of time. These are just a few examples of the numerous photographs that were taken all throughout the course of the event. You were the most stunningly beautiful person I’ve ever seen, and your grin was the cutest I’ve ever come across. I will never forget either of those things. Neither one of those incidents will ever escape my memory. My need for you is so strong that it can never be satiated completely.