Tulio Murillo Chubb Obituary, Kenner LA, Classic Insurance Agency Member has Died

Tulio Murillo Chubb Obituary, Death – All by by and by have been informed. Don’t know how to particular this especially stunning and bewildering news. We, Treces del Sur, are sad to tune in that our fan and worshiped companion, Tulio Murillo, has passed truant. Tulio from the beginning recognized our music and required us to be tuned in, and he gave us that organize. We, as a bunch, are thankful for his simple approach and back.

I, am appreciative to Tulio for having given me the opportunity to lead and discussion to Kenner Fest–for 10 a long time, from the uncommonly beginning as a columnist, picture taker, and videographer for the Times Picayune. He was soft-spoken but firm with his choices. Tulio tirelessly found the time to dialog with me and as of late made a separate me with a person inquire. My and Our most basic affectability and condolences to his companion and young lady, relatives, and closest companions. Tulio will be woefully missed. Thank you. Rest in peace Tulio. Treces del Sur.

Here can be a brief video of Tulio. As emphatically, smiling and getting a charge out of the conventional things of his labor for Latin music and culture. Ignacio Chacon. Yesterday we misplaced one of our protections family individuals, Tulio Murillo of Classic Protections Office. He was such a awesome fellow, continuously inviting and fair a great individual all around. He was continuously cheerful and he fair graduated from Tulane a couple of weeks prior. If you don’t mind send supplications and bolster to the Murillo family this week and keep them in your contemplations. We’ll miss Tulio.