Trish Beazley Sanders has sadly passed away, Obituary press and cause of Death

Roger Alan Palmer has passed away, Obituary and Cause of Death

Trish Beazley  Obituary Death –  Greetings, NDA Alumni Community. We regret to inform you that Mrs. Trish (Beazley) Sanders, class of 1971, died away yesterday morning, June 3. Soon, more remembrances and details will be released. Please say a prayer right now for her family. Her husband, Mr. Dick Sanders, expressed appreciation for the help and stated he and her daughters are doing OK.

O Lord, grant her eternal peace and may she be illuminated by the sun forever. Amen. A beautiful individual who was destined to educate. She was kind to me on my first day of high school as a freshman in her homeroom, and I will never forget it. She has been in my thoughts frequently. You can relax, Mrs. Sanders. In 1952, she tied the knot with Ben Beazley, the love of her life.

After brief stays in Clinton, Indiana, and Southwest Harbor, Maine during Ben’s military duty, Pat and Ben settled in Chicago and had four children. The family relocated to Toledo in 1963, spending more than 40 years residing on Hopewell Place in Old Orchard.

Despite having to forgo opportunities for formal education, Pat was a voracious reader, a clever and gifted person, and a staunch advocate of the idea that you should “bloom where you are planted.” Her usual course of action when faced with an issue was to research it more. Ben sent Pat the Grantly Dick-Reads book Childbirth Without Fear when she became pregnant with her first child in 1952 because Lamaze had not yet become popular.