Trinny Woodall Survives Deadly Car Accident In London La, Now Hospitalized

Trinny Woodall Car Accident – Trinny Woodall revealed that last week’s collision with her car in Los Angeles left her with bruises and injuries. The 59-year-old TV personality took to Instagram on Friday to share an update on her recovery with her followers. Trinny displayed her toned physique in front of the bathroom mirror while wearing white panties. The make-up and fashion expert told followers, “I haven’t been exciting for a bit since that stupid little car accident in LA slightly knocked me for six, I have to say, and my arm is slowly healing.”

After the incident, she added on Instagram live, “I am still feeling a bit battered and wounded.” Trinny’s reps have been contacted by MailOnline for additional comment. Later, she submitted a story while still wearing underwear, explaining that she was simply too hot to wear clothes. Trinny used her lunch break as an opportunity to give her admirers a peek into the enormous crates that held her supplement supplies. She added, “I’m in my bra and pants because it’s hot.”

I’m just doing what I’ve wanted to do for a very long time because I have one hour for lunch. Painkillers, antihistamines, sleep aids, sleep aids and relaxation, mood and joint mobility, immunity, salves, brain omegas, and hair supplements. Everyone wants to know what vitamins I use, and there are some very great ones in there. After taking Trinny and his ex-wife, Nigella Lawson, 63, to dinner at Scotts in London, her ex-husband, Charles Saatchi, 79, went out to lunch with Martha Sitwell, 43. He was conversing with Martha at the corner table where he always eats. A fellow diner said to Richard Eden of the Daily Mail, “At 80, he’s still got it.” Yes, we did meet for lunch, Lady Sitwell said, adding to Richard that Charles is a very wise and funny guy.