Trinity Isome Obituary, Death, Trinity Isome has passed away

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Trinity Isome Obituary, Death – On Tuesday evening in the West Price Hill neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, a vehicle is believed to have collided with two youngsters, causing them to sustain injuries. The incident is said to have occurred in the evening. It was found that the victim was a small girl of three years of age who had passed dead at the scene of the tragedy. One of the people who lost their lives was she.

Trinity Isome has been identified as the missing girl after it was determined through the course of the inquiry that was taken out by the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office that she is the missing girl. According to the police report, Trinity and another youngster of the same age were riding an electric scooter together when they were struck by a car at the junction of Heyward Street and First Avenue around nine o’clock in the evening.

The incident occurred about nine o’clock in the evening. The event happened in the late evening, at about nine o’clock. It took place at that time. It is still unknown how well the youngster’s medical treatment is going at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, where the child was sent after being rushed there for assistance. The child was brought there in order to receive medical care. The care given to the child was transferred there from another site.

The reports that the police took during their shift on Tuesday night suggest that the motorist was cooperative. The reports were taken by the police during their shift on Tuesday night. The investigation into the occurrences that took place prior to the collision has not yet led to the formation of a definitive conclusion. According to the findings of the office of the medical examiner, Trinity was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital, but once she got there, it was found out that she was no longer alive. This was revealed despite the fact that she had arrived at the hospital. After completing their inquiry, the office of the medical examiner came to this realization as a result of their findings.