Toni Washingtin Obituary, Death, Toni Washingtin Has Sadly Passed Away

Toni Washingtin Obituary, Death – FYI I pray for her serenity. Members of the blues society, good day. Unfortunately, I’m sharing this to let you know that The Philly Blues Society’s founder and my grandma Toni Washingtin died away this morning. Many of you may not have been aware that my grandma was ill, but I think it was in her best interests. She wished for everyone to have memories of her at her most finest and happiest. this was when she was out enjoying music and lending a hand to her blues society’s members.

Along with meeting new people and learning about new artists. There might now be a memorial gathering in my grandmother’s honor. Although we are unsure, each participant. Cassandra D. Smith, his first love, his two children, Anthony T. Smith [Juniett E. Alvarez] and Ashley C. Smith, his granddaughter, Sasha A. Smith-Alvarez, and his ten siblings, Wesley J. Washington (the late Abby Washington), Loyide L. Washington (Jackie Washington), Anner Sue Mayfield (Donnell Mayfield), Gay Garris, Angeline Cuffee (the late Allen Cuffee