Tom Oxley Obituary, Death, Tom Oxley has passed away

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Tom Oxley Obituary, Death – When I found out that Tom Oxley, who had previously been a member of the Oak Hill City Council, had passed away, it came as a total and absolute surprise to me. In the past, he had been on the council. I had known him for a considerable amount of time. Tom served on the council for a significant portion of time, which totaled quite a few years.

Tom exhibited what it means to be a public servant throughout his whole life, from the time he spent serving in the United States Air Force to the voluntary work he did for the church over the course of several decades. This service included both paid and unpaid responsibilities. This encompasses both the time he spent serving in the armed forces as well as the time he spent working for the church.

In addition to that, he exemplified the highest level of gentlemanhood at its pinnacle. He was the consummate gentleman. During the time that I spent working with Tom on the Community Council, I was really fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him on a number of different projects. That is an experience that will remain ingrained in my mind for the rest of my life.

That is the kind of experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life and have a significant role in shaping who I am. Two of the factors that contributed to his accomplishments were the depth and breadth of his knowledge, as well as the breadth and depth of his experience, which both proved to be of tremendous service to the community. Both of these elements ended up being of immense use to the community in the end. During this difficult time, his wife Bev and the rest of his family are in my thoughts and prayers. I am sorry for the trouble that you are going through. I am sorry that you are having to deal with all of these difficulties right now. I am sorry that you are currently facing so many challenges; please know that my sympathies are with you. It makes me sad to think that anything like this could have happened to any of you.