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Thomas Kitchner Obituary, Death – Thomas Eric Kitchner passed away on February 25, 1974, and we will fondly remember him here. Originating in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States. Raised in the communities of Linthicum, Arbutus, and Eldersburg, all located in the state of Maryland. Liberty High School was successfully completed, and the student was awarded a diploma.

serving in an active capacity for the United States Navy Both his true love and his permanent residence were discovered by him in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. A talented musician who excelled in his chosen field and was happiest when he was performing on stage with his guitar. He found solace in being outside and engaging in physically demanding activities. A natural-born inventor who, at heart, wanders aimlessly.

Always walking. A funny and charismatic demeanour that can make any member of the audience feel at ease and transform them into a friend right away, regardless of the environment they are in. You disappeared for a while, yet our affection for you did not change during that time. Thomas Leonard Kitchner, the man who would have been Thomas Eric Kitchner’s father, passed away before his son was born. His beloved mother, Arlene Ault, as well as his sisters, Brandy Ault Petersen and Delores Ryland, were all there to mourn his passing after he passed away.

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