Teisha brewley Obituary, 31 Years Old Guyanese Social Influencer Murdered

Teisha brewley Obituary, Death – On Wednesday, the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that Teisha Brewley, who was 31 years old, was the victim of a gunshot that occurred the day before and that authorities suspect was targeted. According to witnesses who live nearby on Lindbergh Drive, the scene appeared “as if she had been ambushed” when the killing took place. They revealed Brewley to be a social influencer going by the name Tavi Baddie when speaking to Bobeth Yates from 11Alive.

According to local reports in Guyana, where she appears to be from, she was also identified as the woman who was shot in the middle of the street when she was sitting in a ridesharing SUV. The Atlanta Police Department has not yet provided any information regarding why they believe Brewley could have been targeted or who they suspect could have targeted her. The incident took place on Lindbergh Drive between Piedmont Road and Adina Drive at approximately 4:30 in the morning, as stated by the police. It is not quite apparent how the shooting took place; all that is known is that a car drove up and started firing into the SUV, which was being utilized as an Uber at the time of the incident.

Alive also obtained 911 recordings, in which a security company contacted on behalf of the man who, according to their sources, ordered the Uber. The caller from the security business indicates that they got a “mobile panic alert for an Uber customer.” The customer indicated that he requested an Uber for a friend who hasn’t arrived to his location yet, and the driver’s location is appearing to remain in the same spot for a significant amount of time. The driver of the Uber vehicle placed a second call to 911, during which he communicated his disbelief, uncertainty, and anxiety.