Tanner Kugler Motorcycle Accident Wyoming, Mn, Marine Veteran has Died in a Fatal Crash

Tanner Kugler Motorcycle Accident – Just heard this devastating news. RIP to an old high school classmate Tanner Kugler, I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending condolences to his family and friends. Please watch out for motorcycles on the road. I have never felt such pain. I lost a stray dog. my best friend my brother – in blood and hands. The first “why” ever. Tanner, I will forever cherish the memories we made and the bond we shared. A bond that no one else understands.

You made me a better brother, Marine, and an all-around good person. Tanner was riding his motorcycle into a truck last night when the truck veered into his lane and hit him head on. I know he touched many lives and made friends wherever he went. I give my family time/space to grieve. My heart breaks for your loss. I am so sorry, I can’t imagine the pain and sadness you are going through. I have some memories of Tanner that will never be forgotten, he was such a beautiful soul.