Susan Young Obituary, Susan Young Has Been Shot Dead

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Susan Young Obituary,  Death – The Shasta County Coroner’s Office was able to determine the identity of the person who passed away in the car accident that occurred on Monday morning near to the intersection of Highway 273 and Pinon Avenue. The accident took place in the vicinity of the intersection of Highway 273 and Pinon Avenue. The incident took place in the neighborhood surrounding the crossroads of Highway 273 and Pinon Avenue. The occurrence of the accident took place at that specific site.

On Monday afternoon, the medical staff at Mercy Medical Center confirmed that a patient named Susan Betty Young, who was 61 years old and had been a patient at the facility, had passed away. Susan Betty Young had been a patient at the institution. Young regarded the town and city of Redding as his permanent place of residence.

At the intersection, she was struck by a vehicle, and the Anderson Police Department has deemed the incident that led up to it to be an instance of “road rage.” At that precise moment, the car that was being driven by Young was engaged in an accident with the one that was being driven by Millner.

In addition to the allegation that he was driving under the influence of alcohol when he was brought into custody, he was promptly arrested and placed under arrest for the charge of homicide as soon as he was taken into custody.The Anderson Police Department has not reached any decisions regarding the current predicament and has not brought their investigation into the matter to a close. Neither of these two events has allowed them to reach any conclusions.