Steve Delaney Motorcycle Accident, Massachusetts, Steve Delaney Has Died

Steve Delaney Motorcycle Accident, Death – Remember when you were in high school, Full Circle, there was a Crip who was waiting outside our school because he heard there was a Blood (Steve) in the school. The Crip hung around outside of the school till Steve emerged from the building.

It was in 2007 when Steve made his public debut, and immediately after, a verbal battle ensued. The crip was irate, but Steve Delaney maintained his composure despite his expectation that there would be a confrontation. They soon walked to decide where to locate a battle zone distant from the school zone in order to avoid any intervention from the authorities.

When they reached an empty street next to the Somerville Stop and Shop, the student body of the school proceeded to follow the two, forming what resembled a little procession. They immediately got into a fistfight, which lasted at least two minutes and ended with Delaney defeating his opponent and giving him a bloodied nose.

The gangster fled in the face of defeat… Memories such as these, which you have bestowed upon us by your sincerity and faithfulness, will never go unrecognized. I pray that the Lord keeps you safe and gives you strength, Steve. May God bless you.