Shelton Stevens Obituary, Award Winning Executive Director at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has Passed Away

Shelton Stevens Obituary, Death – This evening’s news of Shelton Stevens’ passing has affected me in a different way than it has most. After graduating from the University of Georgia in 1968, Stevens, who was a member of Sigma Phi, went on to become the Senior Development Officer of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta as well as the Executive Director of Children’s Sports Network. This is where we make his introduction. Stevens is most well-known for being the one who hands off the Governor’s Cup to Georgia Tech’s champion each year.

This is the thing that Stevens is most famous for. This was a job that he absolutely cherished, what with him being a Georgia graduate and all. Even though he was required to maintain objectivity when handing the trophy, I can assure you that he took pleasure in it whenever the Bulldogs were victorious, which was the majority of the time over the course of his tenure. After Georgia hadn’t won the national championship in 41 years, I thought he’d burst with happiness when they finally did it.

My close friend Shelton Stevens was of no consequence. When I first started working at UGASports 17 years ago, Stevens, also known as “Catfish” on the DawgVent after his friend Lewis Grizzard’s dog, was there to greet me and make me feel welcome. Grizzard’s dog named Stevens. Stevens would make a point of coming to see me in the press box if we were both in attendance at a Bulldog football game. This was something he did no matter where we were. We got ’em today, Dash?” he asked.

At Georgia Tech, Stevens was overheard saying this behind my back. I said yes. Despite the repetition of our conversations, I enjoyed them very much. He inquired about the Georgia Bulldogs, the process of player recruitment, and the most recent incident involving the DawgVent message board. Despite the fact that he contributed to the Vent less frequently, Stevens never missed a day of reading it. He was similar to our wonderful subscribers in every way. He was a huge fan of the Georgia Bulldogs and spent a lot of time online discussing the team.