Sheldon Teague Obituary, Brampton Ontario, Sheldon Teague has Passed Away

Sheldon Teague Obituary, Death – Sheldon Teague, a 19-year-old male who saved a small child from a house fire in Brampton early on Tuesday morning, does not consider himself a hero and revealed that he is “horrified” by the recollection of the event after three other people perished in the flames. Teague was the only survivor of the blaze, which also claimed the lives of three other individuals. After the fire took the lives of three other people, Teague said he is “horrified” by the remembrance of the event that occurred. Teague was able to save the youngster by demolishing a door in the building in which she was trapped and therefore gaining access to her.

Teague had already rescued the girl before the firemen from the City of Brampton’s fire department arrived, as stated by the chief of the fire department for the City of Brampton. Zoya Kapadia is the name that has been given to the young lady who is nine years old by Amandeep Hazra, who is a neighbor who lives next door. This data was contributed by a neighbor who resides on Madison Street, which is located in close proximity to Dixie Road and Williams Parkway. After a devastating house fire on Madison Street, the child is still being treated there and is in a critical condition.

Amina Kapadia, Zoya’s older sister, passed away in the fire along with her parents, Iftekhar Niazi and Jyoti Kapadia. Amina was 19 years old at the time of her death. According to the information provided by the Office of the Fire Marshal, investigators are under the impression that there were a total of seven persons present in the home when the fire broke out. In spite of the fire that broke out in the apartment located on the ground floor of the building, the occupants of the unit were able to escape without suffering any injuries. In total, there were four people located on the upper levels of the house when it was searched. People who knew the victims stopped by throughout the day to inquire about what had taken place, despite the fact that the police had blocked off the street that led to the house where the incident took place.