Shawn Cogley Obituary, Des Moines-Ames IA, Shawn Cogley Has Died

Shawn Cogley Obituary, Death – Shawn On November 3rd, 2022, “Angel Airlines” gave Daniel Cogley a first-class, one-way ticket to paradise. He passed away at his childhood home, the Hawthorne Farm, and was immediately greeted in Heaven by a plethora of loving arms for one of the most heartwarming reunions. Shawn was born in Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames, Iowa, on April 21, 1960.

From the beginning, he had excessive ambition and couldn’t wait to step foot in this world. He was the firstborn of eight brothers and sisters. This child was the first of a large, dedicated family that was just beginning to lay down roots when he or she was born to Dr. Keith and Caroleen (Shifflet) Cogley. As a child, Shawn cherished the time he spent helping out on the family farm. He attended Colfax schools his entire life, where he also graduated in 1978.

Shawn was a standout athlete who participated in basketball, football, and track. During his senior year, Shawn participated in the two-mile run at the state level. In front of an ecstatic crowd, Shawn would set a new state record. At Iowa State University, where Bill Bergan served as his coach, he continued his cross-country running career. He studied Animal Science as his major and received his bachelor’s degree in 1983.

After finishing college, he obtained a sales position with Moorman Feed. After a month of hard work, Shawn would receive a ten-cent bonus check and determine that selling feed wasn’t going to cut it. He then realized that he could establish a business by acquiring and selling used machinery after fixing it. He would soon realize that he had finally found his vocation. Dealing with customers and dealers was easy for Shawn because of his friendly and straightforward manner.