Sharon Bledsoe Obituary, Sharon Bledsoe Has Died

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Sharon Bledsoe Obituary, Death – I just wanted to let everyone of our friends know that my mother, Sharon Bledsoe, passed away in a way that was both unexpected and lovely at home. She passed away at home. She is now in Heaven with my father, and the two of them are celebrating together in the blessings that come from putting their faith in Christ.

On Monday afternoon, she was in excellent spirits and decided to stop by my place for dinner before making the drive back home. She departed from this world at an undetermined point in the course of the night. She had no interest in being the center of attention, but she was a strong support system for the rest of our family. The way in which she loved and cared for Dad right up until the time of his demise is something that I will never forget. She liked seeing her grandkids and great grandkids.

My two older sisters and I had the most amazing mother in the world thanks to her. We are thankful for your prayers for our family, and I will make sure to update this blog as soon as I have any new information on her funeral. My creativity has been sparked by the song “You Hold It All Together” by Maverick City Worship, which has been one of my go-to songs for motivation.

Your identity does not alter when you are high in the mountains. Even when the mountains are at their lowest, you do not change, and I have hope that I will be able to observe this trait of yours. I am very certain in the goodness of the Lord and his providence. Despite the passage of time and the change of the seasons, your faithfulness has not wavered..