Shane Campbell Car Accident, Shane Campbell Has Died

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Shane Campbell Car Accident, Death –  The Greenwood County Coroner’s Office received a complaint early on Wednesday morning that an automobile had struck and killed a pedestrian. The individual had been walking in the roadway. It has been stated that the incident took place in Greenwood County.

According to the information provided in the report, the man was in the process of crossing the street when the incident took place. When the incident occurred, the victim had just completed her journey across the street. She had just finished when the occurrence took place. According to the findings of the coroner, Shane Matthew Campbell, age 31, was killed when he was struck by a car that was traveling north on Montague Avenue Extension at Roberts Drive. The collision occurred at the intersection of Roberts Drive.

The investigation that was conducted in the aftermath of the incident yielded the results of this data gathering. The collision occurred as a direct result of the proximity of the intersection to Roberts Drive, which was functioning as the location of the roadway at the time. Because of the injuries he sustained while being treated for them at the Self Regional Healthcare Center, he was unfortunately no longer able to be there when we needed him. His injuries ultimately proved to be fatal, and he passed away as a result.

As part of their ongoing investigations, the Greenwood County Coroner’s Office and the South Carolina Highway Patrol are also now investigating into this incident to see what they can learn about it. They are working to determine how it relates to this particular occurrence precisely as well as how it ties in with the entire scope of their investigations.