Sarah Shellard Obituary, London ON, Dragon Boat Canada Member has died

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Sarah Shellard Obituary, Death – Since Sarah Shellard passed away, our entire community has witnessed a dramatic drop in comparison to how it used to be. This change came about as a direct result of her passing. Things that Sarah brought into our universe were completely unique in comparison to anything else that had before existed in this location.

Sarah was always dependable in giving her all with calm and unflappable strength, whether she was teaching newcomers or leading Team Canada to victory at the World Championships. This was true regardless of the task at hand. This was the case regardless of whether she was working with newcomers or the national team. This was the same regardless of whether she was working with rookies or coaching Canada to a gold medal performance.

She was consistently effective in both settings. The kind of individual that inspired everyone else in her immediate vicinity to perform at the highest potential degree of achievement that they were capable of achieving. The pain that our community is going through is absolutely beyond the scope of my vocabulary, and I am unable to adequately express it. Whether or not you had the opportunity to spend time with Sarah, I sincerely hope that you will make the effort to peruse some of the many touching memorials that have been posted on the internet in her honor.

The fact that one has been successful in gaining the respect and dedication of such a large number of individuals is unmistakable proof that they are leading a wealthy life. Our most heartfelt condolences go out to Cheryl, Sarah’s Rowbust family, friends, and family, as well as anybody else that Sarah’s feisty spirit and caring perseverance may have touched in some way. On behalf of DBC, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to you.