Sal Iacono Obituary, Death, Ottawa, Funeral Details

Sal Iacono Obituary, Death – When we learned that our friend and colleague Sal Iacono had passed away, we were filled with a great deal of sorrow. Sal was a member of our community who had a deep concern for those members of our group who were unique from themselves. For a very long time, Sal was a devoted supporter of the efforts made by United Way East Ontario and other charitable organizations. In addition to his role as Senior Vice President at Bell Canada, Sal maintained this position for a significant portion of his career.

In addition, he spent a significant amount of time working at this job. The responsibility of fundraising for the campaign was given to Sal. He served as both the manager and the board chair. He had a humble upbringing and, as a result, was able to empathize with the struggles that a wide variety of individuals go through because he had experienced those struggles himself. Sal was a generous and selfless individual who devoted the majority of his time to assisting youths, children, and recent immigrants to Canada.

He did this out of the kindness that was in his heart. When it came to finding solutions to the problems that were produced by people not having enough food to eat, Sal put in a lot of effort to make sure that children in the schools of Ottawa had food to eat. He had a reputation in the past for making statements such as, “You won’t learn when you are hungry.” Everyone who knew Sal, whose life he made better via his kindness, and who was motivated by his relentless drive to serve others will feel a great deal of sadness regarding his passing because of his selfless nature. Our deepest sympathies go out to his wife Marisa, as well as all of their friends and family, and to all of those who had the privilege of calling him a friend. We are deeply sorry for all that has taken place.