Ryan Starnes Obituary, San Jose CA, Ryan Starnes has Passed Away

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Ryan Starnes Obituary, Death – I must inform you with great sadness that Ryan went away last week, suddenly and without warning. Our entire family is absolutely stunned and heartbroken. We have no money set aside to cover his expenses since we never thought we would have to deal with this calamity. All donations will be used to defray the expense of his funeral.

Stephen Edward Starnes and Lani Sikora Kendle welcomed Ryan Daniel Starnes into the world on April 25, 1994. He was our one and only brother and the youngest member of the family. He was the third of three children and the fraternal twin of Kimberly Elizabeth Starnes. He did not have the easiest life from the start, but he was passionate, vivacious, and he developed a strong work ethic in which he took great delight.

Throughout his 29 years on Earth, he had a profound effect on everyone he encountered. He was a devoted member of his family and had a true passion for music, sports, and animals. We hope he is finally at peace since he will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. The Starnes family would be grateful for any financial assistance with expenses, if you are able to do so. To help spread the news, if you are unable to donate, please think about telling others about this GoFundMe. Let Ryan rest in peace. You are always loved by your family.