Roxy Barber Obituary, Roxy Mae Barber Has Passed Away

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Roxy Barber Obituary, Death – When the girl’s father went to wake his daughter up for school, he found his 11-year-old daughter dead in her bedroom. The man has detailed the anguish he felt at the discovery. On May 4 of the previous year, the body of Roxy-Mae Barber, who was described by her father Michael Barber as being “funny and generous,” was discovered in her bedroom.

He has not been able to go back to his house ever since the loss of his daughter. In his remarks, he paid tribute to Roxy by saying, “I’m devastated and have not been able to go back into the house where I found Roxy since her death. Instead, I’ve been staying with my brother.” At this point, I’ve decided to sell the property and move in with my partner instead.

After her body was found on May 4, 2022, at an address in Whitby Drive, Grimsby, the circumstances surrounding Roxy-Mae Barber’s (pictured) passing are still a mystery. After growing up on the Nunsthorpe estate with her mother, his daughter had moved in with him when she reached the age of moving out on her own. However, we will be taking all of Roxy’s belongings to the next house in order for her to continue to have a room that is exclusively hers there.

“She was stunning, sweet, hilarious, and generous all at the same time.” It was quite relaxing for her to have things done for her, including having her meals prepared. He went on to say that Roxy had developed a fondness for her time spent in secondary school and that the two of them had discussed the possibility of obtaining a puppy. Her father said that Roxy also spent a lot of time on social media platforms like Snapchat and TikTok, as well as playing the video game Fortnite with her buddies on her Playstation.

According to Mr. Barber, in the weeks preceding up to her passing, she was happy to hear that Mr. Barber and his partner were considering getting married, and she had even begun making plans for the wedding in her notebook. In addition to that, she had been looking forward to going clothes shopping for an upcoming vacation with her family. Roxy-Mae was referred to as a “happy, cheeky, and cared-for girl” in another statement, which was referred to by the coroner. The statement was made by a person who did not identify themselves.