Ronnie Coker Obituary, Coach Ronnie Coker Has Passed Away

Ronnie Coker Obituary,

Ronnie Coker Obituary, Death – We are writing to infprm you that Ronnie Coker sadly passed away, Ron always had a smile on his face and thought it was his particular job to make anyone and everyone laugh, despite not a few personal misfortunes. Which he essentially succeeded in doing. (Some folks won’t find it funny.) He would say anything to make someone laugh. Even his declining health wasn’t that serious that jokes couldn’t be made about it.

When not working, Ron enjoyed “supervising” others while they worked, embarrassing his kids, and striking up conversations with random people. He was an avid reader who particularly cherished the Psalms and the Proverbs. He was a huge Days of Our Lives fan and would always remind his friends and family, “Don’t call me between 1 and 2!” Otherwise, he was always welcoming and maintained an open door policy.

We are never ready to say goodbye to a loved one forever even though we know it is a part of life. No one wants to lose a loved one, the resulting emotion could tear one apart and is hard for every person. Expressing condolence, or sympathy, the goal is to offer as much compassion, concern, and connection with the bereaved.