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Roger Thomas Obituary, Death – The day before yesterday, a huge group of volunteers from Radio Glamorgan, both active and retired, got together for a get-together in order to pay their respects to him. When it came time to celebrate the event in question, it was decided to do so in his honour. During this occasion, Roger Thomas, who had passed away a few weeks earlier at the age of 85, was recalled in order to honour his memory and pay honour to his life.

Roger Thomas had passed away at the age of 85. Roger Thomas had been alive for 85 years when he had gone away. A few of weeks before this occasion, Roger Thomas had departed away in an unexpected and abrupt manner.
Roger was the host of a show that was broadcast on a regular basis on a Monday afternoon, and he also held the position of Treasurer for a length of time here at our organization.

The name of the program was “Roger and Friends,” and ABC was the network that aired it. The name of the show changed weekly, but it was always “Monday Afternoon Live!” In 1992, Roger started working for our company, and he eventually worked his way up to the position of Treasurer during his tenure here. In 1992, Roger began his employment here. He was liable for both of the tasks that were brought up before in this paragraph, in addition to the fact that he worked for our company.

You may see evidence of both of these commitments in the previous paragraph. When he is no longer with us, each and every one of us will miss him in a significant manner, in a way that is meaningful to us, in every way that is possible, and in every way that is even conceivable. Once he is no longer among us, we will miss him in every way that is even remotely imaginable.