Robert Kuhn Motorcycle Accident, Traverse City MI, Robert Kuhn Has Died

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Robert Kuhn Motorcycle Accident, Death –  The driver of a dump truck has been charged in connection with the collision that occurred Thursday afternoon in the southern part of Columbus County. The collision resulted in the death of a motorcycle. The victim was a Moosic, Pennsylvania resident named Robert R. Kuhn, according to the information provided by the police. He had 58 years under his belt.

Anthony Gaglione, age 36, from Myrtle Beach has been charged with careless driving and vehicular manslaughter as a misdemeanor. Sgt. Philip Collins told The News Reporter on Monday that Gaglione was driving his dump truck northbound on a part of the highway that was twisty when he “lost control of the vehicle.” Gaglione initially drove off the right side of the road; however, he then attempted to overcorrect and skidded across the left side of the road. The dump truck came to rest on the left side of the road that Gaglione was driving on.

Kuhn, who was riding his motorcycle in the northern direction, collided with the side of the truck and was killed as a result. Collins reported that Trooper Trevor Bryan examined the incident on Thursday and discovered Kuhn dead at the scene of the collision. Gaglione did not sustain any injuries. The crash did not involve any other vehicles or people. At the time of the accident, there was rain in the air.

Collins stated that alcohol was “not suspected” to have played a role in the accident; however, a test of the subject’s blood alcohol content was required as part of the inquiry. According to what he mentioned, getting results could take weeks. The collision took place on North Carolina State Route 905 at 12:59 p.m., between Olyphic Baptist Church and Lays Lake, just north of the state boundary with South Carolina.