Rita Robl Obituary, Merrill Wisconsin, Rita Robl Has Died

Rita Robl Obituary, Death – There are simply no words to describe the sorrow and pain in my heart right now. I’ve lost one of my best pals in the world. Since learning of your passing this morning, I have not stopped crying. Why? You bird, why? You didn’t deserve this in the slightest. Every time we met one another, we had to bring it up since I have so many LOL moments when I think of you. We would laugh and acknowledge that we were getting older.

When you first received your brown “MATADOR” (IN OPERA VOICE), or the brown turd as you later referred to it. You didn’t give a damn because we were legal, you had a car, and I was always your partner at Bruisers. But the real dancing queen was you. When a man struck your car in the Bruisers parking lot, you slyly offered to forgo filing a police report in exchange for you buying my friend and I some Burger King at 2:00 in the morning.

We ordered the largest beers we could because the dancing had made us so hot and wet. The boys, with whom we became friends, would say, “See you this weekend.” Merrill women. I’ll never forget how hungover you were when you slept over and got up to go to work at Snyders Drug, but there you were on the floor at the end of my bed performing your exercises, or as I called them, your Jane Fonda. I’m really sorry you can’t be here.

Although I’m heartbroken by each and every one of the 86 class members who passed away, I wasn’t expecting this. losing a friend I’ve known since junior high. When I called you “my Rita,” that giggle of yours and your loving grin both appeared. We’ll never know how long we have on this planet, and that kills me. I wish I had had the chance to tell you how much I love you and appreciate your friendship. May you jive and sway to the angels’ music. Rita Robert You are loved, Kimmer.