Rebecca Linker Missing, Charlotte NC, Help Locate Missing Rebecca Linker

Rebecca Linker Missing – We would want to take this opportunity to show our gratitude to everyone who has assisted us in our search for Rebecca by giving us information and providing assistance. I have not spoken to her. It would appear that her sister was able to hear her voice well into the previous night when the two of them were together and were in the same room. My degree of expertise reaches no further than that. The mother has not been seen or heard from since very shortly after her son was found safe and sound, and no one is aware of where she is or what she is doing at this time.

My name is Rebecca Linker, and this is my cousin Rebecca Linker, who was also born in the town of Linker. Both of us were named after our hometown. Her last known location was in the Steel Creek region on June 6, 2023, about three o’clock in the afternoon. She has not been seen since. The date was also the sixth of June. Since then, neither she nor anyone else has been found or heard from, and there has been no sign of their whereabouts. If my memory serves me well, this photo was taken on the same day as the previous one, at about one o’clock in the afternoon.

She assured her lover that she would return in a minute after assuring him she would be back soon and then leaving for a walk after telling him she would be back quickly. In addition to that, she let him know that she would be coming back soon. Since that time, she and no one else has been located, and there has been no trace of their location or any indication that they have been heard from. Your participation in spreading the information and your prayers are requested in the hope that she may be located unharmed. Thank you. In the event that you do see her, please do not hesitate to report your sighting to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department as soon as you can.