Randy Seay Obituary, Marion NC, U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Police Officer has Died

Randy Seay Obituary, Death – I heard the terrible news that we lost Randy Seay yesterday. He was a true friend and a wonderful person. A veteran and a police officer, but most importantly, he was a father. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace my friend. You will be missed. Yesterday I got a call from the sheriff’s department that Randy had taken his life. Since then, I have tried to plan steps to make the next few days as gentle as possible for my children. I ask that all prayers come.

I can’t wrap my head around why? I can’t accept writing goodbye to someone I love again. You were such a great partner. I wouldn’t have gotten through much of my life without our followers. I’ll never forget your boring joe laugh, the way the other side of your face lifted when you laughed. Your stupid act. You never got a chance to show me what you looked like lately with your face and bare head. I never fail to try to convince you that you are worth $60 and it took me 2 hours with a buckle and if I need to work I asked how hard it was to find out who beat you cleaning with unused men and every time.

Seeing you with your friends made me smile. Something so basic. We split the queso board and asked for huge bowls of everything. We never got the chance to go to the modern places we were supposed to, but I will never forget the ones we did go to. I will be forever grateful for all those meals where we sat and talked a lot about life and our mothers and ate so much food. The sprouted onions were your favorite and made me enjoy the sauce regardless. The sauce wasn’t right, it wasn’t. We haven’t talked much in the past year, apart from a few clicks, swings and blows. But I’m so happy to see you on Friday and I wish our time was longer. I thank you my partner. Until the end of time