Rae King Obituary, Rae King Has Died

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Rae King Obituary, Death – We are keeping Rae King’s family, friends, and loved ones, in addition to Rae’s sisters, Petrea and Wendie King, in our thoughts and prayers at this time. In addition, those who were close to Rae are being kept in our thoughts and prayers. When Rae is no longer a part of anyone’s life, there will be a palpable sense of loss experienced by all. Rae, Petrea’s mother, went to a better place and passed away in a pleasant and peaceful manner this morning (May 31).

The date of her passing is today. As of today, she has moved on to greener pastures that are happier and more calm. She has 59 years of experience to draw from at that point. Both Rae and her late husband, Geoff, were early members of the Quest Board of Directors and significant contributors to the nonprofit organization. Rae was also a significant gift to the organization. Rae volunteered her time with Quest for a considerable amount of time.

In many different ways, Rae’s contribution to the organization was extremely helpful and important. Prior to Rae and her husband making the decision to break their marriage and obtain a divorce, Rae served as the only member of the board of directors that she was responsible for on her own.

In addition to that, they made a contribution to our Quest for Life Center by giving a donation of each of the windows and doors that are situated at the front of the building. They were being very kind and generous by doing anything like this. Because Rae was such a warm and friendly person, the memories we have of her are the kinds that we hold in very high regard and care for a great deal. We cherish these recollections very much.