Paul Lucas Obituary, East Liverpool, Paul A. Lucas has died

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Paul Lucas Obituary, Death – Paul A. Lucas, age 82, of East Liverpool, Ohio, passed away peacefully on Sunday, May 28, 2023, at the East Liverpool City Hospital, following a brief struggle with sickness. Paul A. Lucas was a resident of East Liverpool. Paul Lucas was born on August 19, 1940 in Midland, Pennsylvania to Joseph and Josephine Scelp Lucas, both of whom are no longer with us. Joseph and Josephine Scelp Lucas have now died away.

Paul was a devout Christian who had achieved a great deal of professional success before calling it quits in the business world. He received his diploma from East Liverpool High School in the year 1959 after completing his education there. It’s probable that Paul is best known for his wonderful singing voice since he was always singing, and this is the reason why people remember him the most.

David Lucas was one of the many individuals who had passed away before him, including his parents, his wife Barbara, and his brother. Among the other people who had passed away before him was also his wife Barbara. Only his children, Shelly (Grafton) Wolbert of East Liverpool, Christine (David) Byers of East Liverpool, Moni (Marty) Patterson of Summerset.

South Dakota, and Daniel P. (Mary Anna) Lucas of East Liverpool, will be able to continue on his legacy and honor his memory. Shelly (Grafton) Wolbert, Christine (David) Byers, and Moni (Marty) Patterson all live in East Liverpool. In addition, he is survived by his sister, Barb McConnell, who lives in East Liverpool. He also leaves behind ten grandchildren and fourteen great-grandchildren. Barb McConnell is his only living relative. At this moment, the arrangements for the cremation of Paul are being handled by the Arner Funeral Chapel, which is located in Chester.