Pat Robertson Obituary, Religious Broadcaster and Founder of Christian Broadcasting Network has Died

Pat Robertson Obituary, Death – Pat Robertson, a religious broadcaster who helped make religion a core element of Republican Party politics in the United States through his Christian Coalition, passed away yesterday. Robertson was instrumental in making religion a central focus of Republican Party politics in the United States. Robertson was the driving force behind the transformation of a local station in Virginia into the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and another local station in Virginia into the Christian Coalition. Both of these transformations took place in Virginia. He was 93.

On Thursday, Robertson’s television network shared the terrible news that he had passed away, which was a shock to his many fans. There was not a single explanation that was given. Some of the companies that were a part of Pat Robertson’s empire include the American Center for Law and Justice, which advocates for the religious freedom of Christians; Operation Blessing, which is an international humanitarian organization; and Regent University, which is an evangelical Christian school that is located in Virginia Beach. Additionally, he made an effort to run for the presidency of the United States.

Over the span of more than half a century, it was not uncommon to find Americans with Robertson prominently displayed in their living rooms. In later years, he became renowned for his broadcast pronouncements of God’s retribution, in which he blamed natural disasters on a variety of things, including homosexuality and the teaching of evolution. He was famous for his television show, The 700 Club, and in those years, he became known for his broadcast pronouncements of God’s punishment.

By expressing anti-Muslim sentiments on a regular basis, particularly in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, Robertson was a contributor to the normalization of Islamophobia within the Republican Party. The preacher who has since passed away was notorious for making derogatory comments throughout his whole life regarding Muslims, Islam, and the Prophet Muhammad. 2002 was the year that he referred to the church as a “monumental scam.” He delivered the warning on numerous occasions that “world domination” is the purpose of Islam, which fostered the conspiracy theories that Muslim immigrants intend to gain control of Western countries. He stated that “world domination” is the objective of Islam.