Pat Owen Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

Jay B Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

Pat Owen Obituary, Death – Pat Owen, one of our most cherished potters, has died away. She has now joined our other cherished comrades who have gone on before us to receive her heavenly wings. Pat was a member of our pottery team for many years. It has been great having her here with us, and we are going to miss her!””It is with both sadness and joy that we announce the passing of Patricia “DeeDee” Owen from this life,” are the words of compassion uttered by her husband, Dan.

Patricia “DeeDee” Owen was known to her family and friends as “DeeDee.” Patricia “DeeDee” Owen was a cherished and important member of their family. It was on the evening of Thursday, May 25, 2023, when she completed her goal and “got her wings.” Deedee has always been a nice person, an artist, a wife, a friend, and a confidant; but, being a mother and a grandmother is the most crucial positions she has ever held.

Deedee’s children and grandchildren are the most important roles she has ever held. This is because Deedee prioritizes spending time with her children and grandchildren over all other individuals in her life. We will never be able to forget the warm and inviting laugh, the real friendliness, and the infectious grin that she possessed. She never wallowed in self-pity or laid blame on others for the hurdles she was forced to endure; rather, she confronted hardship with courage and poise throughout her whole life.

She overcame adversity with poise and determination. She did not worry about whether or not the art she created would be successful or bring her any form of recognition; rather, she poured her entire being into the creation of the work. She never considered it important that her art would gain her any kind of notoriety in any way, shape, or form. Her works of art were one of a kind, each possessed its own distinct personality, and provided her with a great lot of happiness. She had a lot of hope that other people would find pleasure in her artwork, but at the same time, she was conscious that it was fine with her if they didn’t find it enjoyable. In other words, she didn’t mind if they didn’t find it enjoyable.