Ontario Mills Shooting

Ontario Mills Shooting – A false report of a gunshot being fired at the Ontario Mills mall on Monday afternoon prompted a major response from the law enforcement officers in the surrounding area. At approximately 1:45 p.m., officers from the Ontario Police Department arrived to the shopping center in response to accusations of a disturbance, and they are presently investigating whether or not a crime was committed.

They were able to establish that a group of people ran through the shopping center, which prompted the patrons to become frightened and worried. The text states that “Ontario Dispatch then received a number of calls claiming that a person was armed with a gun and that shots were heard,” and it continues on to say that “shots were heard.” The Ontario police have stated in a tweet that “it has been determined that there was no gun and there were no shots fired.”

The police department has announced that it will investigate the false claims, and if any suspects are proven to be culpable for their conduct, the agency will hold them accountable for such activities. The shopping center is still operating normally and the police have confirmed that it is a risk-free environment.