Northwest Washington DC Shooting, Police Investigation Ongoing

Northwest Washington DC Shooting – A guy was shot and murdered Thursday afternoon after a battle broke out outside a deli in a busy neighborhood of Northwest D.C., and police claim he was not involved in the incident. It began shortly after 1 p.m. inside the Shaw Howard Deli and Market on 7th Street NW, near the Howard Theatre. The authorities are investigating whether or not shots were fired. According to the police, they responded quickly to the report of shooting.

A passing pedestrian was injured. According to Cmdr. James Boteler, when officers arrived, they discovered an adult male with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the body. They immediately administered first aid. According to authorities, the subject was pronounced deceased shortly after arriving at the hospital. Authorities got a thorough description of one of the suspects and had spotted him near Howard University Hospital in just a few minutes. A weapon comparable to the one used in the shooting, according to authorities, was also discovered.

Nobody at the deli, according to the authorities, had anything to do with the argument. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Alexander Padro stated, “We’ve been extremely concerned for the past year about the intense drug activity that’s been taking place here on this intersection.” There was some drug activity in the past, but it is now absolutely out of control. According to Padro of the business improvement group Shaw Main Streets, criminality is a major cause in the local economy’s collapse. “We have businesses where people overdose, lock themselves in the bathroom, and then assault the staff,” he stated. Padro added that they have been appealing for help but have received none.