Nicholas Lendrum Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

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Nicholas Lendrum Obituary, Death – On Friday, the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner was able to identify the person who had been seen on surveillance film seemingly ambushing a Denver Police officer as the officer was driving his patrol car on Wednesday. The surveillance footage had been obtained by the Denver Police Department. The fact that the individual could be positively identified allowed for the identification to take place, which in turn made the identification possible.

According to the press announcement, the suspected killer, Nicholas Lendrum, who was 25 years old, was found dead from “multiple gunshot wounds.” The incident took place in the general vicinity of North Speer Boulevard and Interstate 25, specifically in the 2600 block of Zuni Street, which is where the Quality Inn is situated. According to Chief Ron Thomas and a DPD spokesperson, the officer was “conducting extra patrol” outside the hotel when the suspect went by the officer’s vehicle and entered the hotel.

This information was provided by Chief Ron Thomas. When the potential criminal entered the hotel, the officer was there to witness it. Chief Ron Thomas was nice enough to give us this information, which we greatly appreciate. The suspect made an inquiry regarding the availability of overnight lodgings, and then, a short while later, he returned to the area, “drew his weapon,” and “fired shots through the passenger side” of the officer’s patrol vehicle. The officer survived the shooting.

The cop was able to get out of the truck and take cover behind a neighboring building. According to Thomas, the suspect was brought to the ground after he fired back at Thomas, and the two of them exchanged gunfire until the suspect was brought to the ground. Thomas also stated that the suspect was brought to the ground after he fired again at Thomas. According to Thomas, the bulletproof vest that the officer wore was effective in stopping three rounds. One of the rounds was directed at the officer’s chest, while the other two were aimed towards the officer’s back. One of the rounds was successful in penetrating the bulletproof vest.