Nelson Gentry Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

Santina House Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

Nelson Gentry Obituary, Death – Nelson Gentry, a close friend and the first and biggest Patchwork Strawberry admirer, passed away. I wish I could find a photo of Nelson. Nelson had a big heart, a big encourager, a big sense of humor, big trucks, appreciated large gatherings of friends and family, and when he did something for you, he went all out. Nelson lived life big.
Nelson visited every day when we first started with strawberries. He would transport the berries to the town. He wasn’t asked to by us. He offered his help. After a few years of our berries developing, Nelson would phone me as I was working in the field. I can already hear his stern voice saying, “Melissa, I need 15 buckets of berries. Get me that many, please. I’m heading into town. Nelson would arrive on his horse, I would load him, and he would always give me precise change.
At Nelson’s house, where the candy bowl was up for the taking, we trick-or-treated. He adored children. At his residence, we sang Christmas carols. In tune, he would sing. For the past few years, we have missed his afternoon waves from the front porch. He was in the nursing home when we sang to him the last time. Nelson had lovely blue eyes, if you never gave them much attention, and his blue eyes really appreciated us singing to him through the glass.
Most recently, he visited the farm with the nursing home. He made it out, and Chris and I are extremely grateful. He always pushed for us to construct a store. Chris had the opportunity to wheel him inside and show him Mr. June’s shop in our establishment. The day was enjoyable. Nelson honestly wanted us to be successful. He repeatedly told us that he was proud of us. Some individuals really do leave their impression on your heart. On ours, Nelson has left one. He has been missed by our neighborhood and will continue to be missed by our lives. Knowing “Big Nellie” has been a blessing, and Nelson Gentry has counted me among his friends.