Nebel Hamza Car Accident, Dallas TX, IQA Senior Student Died in a Deadly Crash

Nebel Hamza Car Accident – It is difficult for me to find the perfect words to explain how seriously upset I am by this information since I feel as though there are no adequate words. My entire being has been broken into a million pieces. Every single one of them is a representation of us. Not just the Bilal community, or IQA where he went and memorized the Qur’an, or IANT masjid, but everyone who has come into contact with this young person is extremely regretful and hurt today. This includes the Bilal community, IQA, and IANT masjid. This encompasses both the Bilal community and the IANT masjid in its entirety.

This pertains to the group of people who are known as the Bilal. May Allah grant him entry into jannatul fir Dow’s, relieve the suffering of his family, and bless them with sabr all at once. It is with profound sorrow that we must notify you that our cherished Nebel Hamza passed away on June 6, 2023 as a direct result of injuries sustained in a terrible motor vehicle collision. The cause of death was internal bleeding. His connection with his Creator underwent a healing process. Because of this, our neighborhood has been dealt a catastrophic hit, and his presence will be dearly missed by everyone in the region. As a direct consequence of this, our neighborhood has been dealt a devastating blow.

May Allah SWT pardon him for everything he’s done wrong, bless him with the highest level of Jannah, and grant his family the patience they need to get through this trying period. Today, after Asr, around 5:30 o’clock in the evening, the prayer for the janazah will be held at IANT. The burial will begin at Farmersville at seven o’clock in the evening, and it will be performed in the name of Allah.
Those in attendance at today’s Magrib service who would like to celebrate Azaa are asked to do so at the Bilal Community Center in Garland, which is located at 1120 Main Street. The event will conclude at 3:00 pm. Texas