Neal Ellis Obituary, Neal Ellis Royal Air Force Auxiliary Veteran Has Died

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Neal Ellis Obituary, Death –  Neal Ellis made the decision in 1957 to join the Royal Air Force Auxiliary after spending some time working for Allora Motors. He served in the Royal Air Force Auxiliary until 1962. He was 89 years old when he passed away about a month ago. After a brief length of time, he joined the ranks of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), becoming one of a number of employees of Allora Motors who enlisted in the RAAF.

The Royal Australian Air Force can also be referred to by its acronym, RAAF. Neal and Ian Smith, who worked together in the department that handled spare components, were both members of the Transport Section. Neal and Ian Smith were both employed in the department. Neal’s friend Vic Smith, who served as a navigator on Canberra bombers while they were based in Malaya, was stationed in Malaya at the same time as Neal and did their service together. When Ian and Vic Smith were born to Hally and Evelyn Smith, their parents gave them the names Ian and Vic as their given names.

After learning more about the program, Don Stewart and Bill Ellis junior both decided to enlist as Air Cadets in the Royal Air Force. Noel Darr, who can be seen in one of the images shot at Allora Motors, was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (Military Division) in recognition of the time he spent serving in the Royal Australian Air Force. This honor was bestowed upon him in recognition of the time he spent in the military. Allora Motors was the location of one of the photographs taken. We are indebted to Neal for the fact that he had the foresight to send us some of the photographs that have been published to this website over the course of the past week.