Michael Macharia Njiiri has sadly passed away, Obituary press and cause of Death

Roger Alan Palmer has passed away, Obituary and Cause of Death

Michael Macharia Njiiri¬† Obituary Death – Detectives apprehended the performer on June 1 as they were visiting a well-known Kasarani bar. Late in July 2022, Brownskin’s wife of 24 years, Sharon Njeri, passed away. The Makadara magistrates court gave the prosecution permission to imprison him for seven days so they could finish their inquiries.

According to reports, the DJ obtained the tape in question, which depicts Njeri tempting him to use poison to terminate her life. She was encouraged to go ahead and do it by the careless DJ. She followed through on her threat and soon after began to writhe on the ground. When Brownskin saw that she was in excruciating pain, he told their housekeeper to offer her some milk. Njeri went away, and the performer posted about her wife’s passing on social media.

In order to throw additional light on the death of his wife Sharon Njeri, 33, who consumed poison as he was recording on a gadget on the night of July 29 and 30, last year, detectives had called the DJ. Njeri’s final moments were captured by the DJ as she poured a toxic liquid into a cup and consumed it without hesitation in a heartbreaking video footage that was leaked by a well-known blogger on April 1 nine months after her bones had been buried.

She then sat down on a couch and dialed her two kids to tell them she was about to die. The two children’s mother fell and passed away shortly after. On August 6 of last year, she was laid to rest at her parents’ house in Koimbe Weithaga village, Murang’a County.