Melinda Jewell Obituary, Death Funeral Details

Melinda Jewell Obituary, Death – The life of Melinda Jewell has ended. A veteran health care worker has recently passed away. Confirmation came in the form of a social media post with the following line: “It would be an understatement to say that my mom was loved by our PHCC work family.” All her lucky acquaintances quickly fell in love with her. You didn’t want to lose her support, so you took care to avoid angering her.

At PHCC, she served as surrogate mother to all her students. My shadow box with her belongings arrived yesterday, and I am in awe of everything. I want one day to be even half as refined as she always was. I’ll try my hardest, Mama Melinda Jewell, to meet your high standards. Melinda Jewell here, and today has been a tough one for me since I’ve been looking at wedding photos. Like my mother and her collaborators, you are betraying me. I really, really miss you.

Knowing that you are keeping watch over us and helping us through the years ahead is comforting. The Cress Funeral Home will host a private memorial ceremony and celebration of Melinda’s life on Tuesday. Melinda was deeply loved by her parents, Michael Franke and Jacqueline Haines. Toby Haines, her maternal grandparents Sharlet and Kenneth LaBarbera, and a large extended family and group of friends all held her in high esteem. On April 15, 2018, Melinda tragically passed away. Melinda received a lot of love, and it will be felt deeply when she is gone.