May Bell Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

John Swanson Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

May Bell Obituary, Death – The following section will give you with information regarding the Funeral Service that is going to be performed in memory of May Bell, who passed away recently. This service will be held in remembrance of May Bell since she was a wonderful person. The family of May would like to take this time to thank everyone for the wonderful condolences and support they have received, particularly over the past few weeks.

May passed away a few weeks ago, and the family would want to take this chance to express their gratitude. During this difficult time, they would want to extend their gratitude to everyone who has reached out to them for assistance. This is very much appreciated by them. They would want to express their gratitude in particular to the folks who have offered to give them with a means of transportation and meals in the past.

At this time, the family asks that the only flowers brought to the service be ones that they have provided themselves. Those are the only flowers that can be brought. They will not accept any flowers that have originated from a separate source. Those who do not like to send flowers but would still like to make a contribution to support the incredible work done by The Beatson and St. Andrew’s Hospice will have the opportunity to do so by giving to a collection box that will be placed in the church in place of the traditional flower arrangement.

This box will be placed in place of the regular flower arrangement because it will be placed in the church to replace the typical flower arrangement. Those individuals who are interested in making a contribution to support the amazing work done by either of these hospices will be able to do so as a result of this.