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Matt Ratana Obituary, Death – Louis De Zoysa, 25, is charged with murdering the cop while he was restrained and with an antique handgun. The prosecution asserts that De Zoysa “pulled the trigger on purpose four times” when he was restrained and handcuffed in a holding area at the detention center. Four shots were fired, with the first two striking Sergeant Ratana, the third hitting a wall amid a scuffle with other cops, and the fourth striking De Zoysa in the neck.

A ballistics expert demonstrated to the jury how the revolver functioned on the second day of the trial against De Zoysa, which was held in Northampton Crown Court. Anthony Miller, a forensic scientist, explained that the rifle was not dangerous to use in the courtroom since it was loaded with simulated bullets made of plastic and that the gun was totally safe to use. During the time that shots were being fired, members of the jury pointed the pistol up at the ceiling.

Mr. Miller testified in front of the judge that he had investigated the firearm and the ammo that were found after the event.  Mr. Miller said that the revolver did not accidentally fire during the extensive testing that he had performed in response to the question posed by the prosecutor, Duncan Penny KC. He continued by saying, “I dropped it on the ground, I struck it with a cloth-faced hammer, and I generally treated it roughly.” The court was informed that the incident left De Zoysa with brain damage; hence, she was had to sit in the dock using a wheelchair.

Cannabis and seven rounds of ammo were discovered on his person by the police. However, they were unable to locate the loaded pistol that was concealed in the holster. According to the accusations made by the prosecution, it was “probably concealed under one of his armpits.”Following his arrest, he was placed in handcuffs inside the back of a police van before being transported to the detention center. De Zoysa has denied murder. His attorney testified on Wednesday that his client was experiencing an autistic breakdown at the time of the shooting, which the jury heard about. The trial is still going on.