Mark Hoffman Obituary, Heavy Equipment Operator Mark Hoffman Has Died

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Mark Hoffman Obituary, Death – Heavy Equipment Operator (ret) Mark Hoffman, who had served with North Shore Fire and Rescue for many years, passed away on Tuesday, June 6 at the age of 54 while resting at home, according to a statement released by the company. In 1995, not long after the formation of North Shore Fire/Rescue by seven different communities, Mark was hired. Before being promoted to HEO in 2008, he had a good experience serving the community as a firefighter.

Mark was recognized for having a razor keen sense of humor, which helped him maintain his position as a HEO as a mentor to all of those who worked with him. He was also known for treating everyone with dignity and respect. Mark was also an essential figure for Local 1440 over the course of many years, most notably in the capacity of Secretary-Treasurer for the Union.

Mark received a diagnosis of glioblastoma in 2018, which is a particularly severe form of brain cancer. Mark put in a heroic effort, defied the forecasts for his prognosis, and lived an extraordinary life for more than five years, during which he made the most of every day. He was a fantastic firefighter and mentor, but what made him even more special was his role as a friend, and he will be sorely missed by a large number of people.

Daniella, Mark’s wife, was there for him throughout his valiant battle and she is the one who will remember him. Please remember Daniella and Mark’s family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time.
At a later time, there will be a memorial service that will be held in private. The family of Mark would want to politely request privacy at this time.